Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Wonder of Wellies

That fetishists are born,not made was demonstrated to me when I was about 4 years old and kept sneaking out to try on my neighbours waders...far too big for me then of course but I managed to get them down to a stream for a wade and clumped back home in them too, much to my parent's amusement. My boot fetish was carefully nurtured through watching the scruffy roadworkers in their wellies and the bikers of the time in the UK who often wore heavy rubber wellies[and even waders!] with leather or PVC. When I was in my early teens I got in trouble for sneaking off to try an older boys boots on [A very odd thing in a small,rather strict rural school,I wondered what they made of that!] My first bf was not too keen on the wellies and then the rubber gear,but I kind of enjoyed my interest all the same. At this time, in the mid 70's, I found that there were others like me and started to go to meetings of the Rubbermens Club in London. The members were all older than I and seemed to have a rather pre-Stonewall attitude to sexuality and fetishism...that it was something to be hidden and be guilty about. Can't say I ever felt this really,and whilst as a kid I may have not understood my fetishism,I collected images of rubber frogmen like a demon possessed! The RMC members often came to the monthly meetings in business suits,fresh from work in an office,sometimes boldly wearing an old style Rubber mac! In their briefcases,wrapped in a plastic bag were a secretive pair of wellies they had somehow guiltily smuggled into the office and thence to the RMC meeting. They would change into their boots then chat animatedly with the other members. I always went to these meetings in full rubber,having got kitted up at home,so was regarded as something of a deranged pervert by these guys! But I didn't care really!

Wellies are a common enough fetish...I guess the link in gay men is the attractiveness of masculine burly workmen in muddy environments...clumpy rubbered feet with thick soles...kind of interesting I guess. I have found myself sometimes kinda hypnotised by road workers in wellies and waders and have even writen a few stories on this subject [see frglee stories links in the right column here]. I collected wellies for a while but got rid of a lot of them in my last move...I kept a dozen favourite pairs,many of which I actually use for work...My job takes me outdoors a lot these days traipsing through mud through fields, round industrial plants,farms, sewage works and waterworks! Wellies fans might like this new site here

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Straitjacketed said...

Thanks for that, Lee. I'm always interested in hearing how other guys' fetishes first manifested and evolved over time. Like you, I can remember being drawn to certain garments, images and situations from very early childhood, certainly pre-school.

In my case, wellies are a more minor/secondary fetish. I have maybe half a dozen pairs:

- a pair of black/grey bullseyes, like those in one of your photos

- smart black Hunters

- yellow/black Black Diamond fire boots

- plain black rubber chest waders

- dusty black rubber thigh waders (Dunlop?)

- the green rubber boots that came with my German Zodiak suit.

They've never been the primary focus of a scene for me but I find they add to the general sense of "enclosure" when I'm geared up from head to toe in rubber or oilskin or raingear; the boots just seem to complete the outfit. An example would be my recent outdoor tie-up session: I doubt I would've had that lovely completely-insulated-against-the-rain feeling if I hadn't been wearing my Hunters (waders might've been even better...).

I don't really get turned on by mud and muddy situations; I prefer my wellies pristine and glistening! There's definitely an attraction to being outside in the rain, though, getting wet outside but being snug and warm underneath.